Camino Real

Camino Real Forms & Information

2023 Fall Fundraiser Derby & Showjumping Rally

    Derby Premium

    Showjumping Rally Premium

        * Reminder to fill out all applicable rally forms (below) and send those in with your entries!

        * Check your email for instructions on mailing in your entries, or use: Strider Pro (password CRRSJrally)

        * Closing date is August 29th.  Post entries will be accepted through Sept 8th with a $25 late fee PER COMPETITOR. 


2023 Camp

    2023 Camp Premium


2023 Mega Rally

    STRIDER Entry System

        * Search CA events to find the Derby and/or Mega Rally entries

        *Derby is open to all, Rally requires a password- see your email or ask your DC/RS if you can't find it


Rally Forms

Chaperone Form

Coaching Form (Showjumping)

Adult Member Emergency Contact Form

Adult/Junior Member Mixed Team Permission Form

Non-Member Waiver