Camino Real

Camino Real Member Materials

Quick Links:

USPC Medical Armband Insert

USEA Medical Armband Insert (for use at USEA recognized competitions) 


USPC Stall Card


USEA (Eventing) Dressage Tests

USDF (Dressage) Dressage Tests


USPC D Manual

USPC C Manual

USPC HB-A Manual

    *Please ensure you purchase the second edition of all manuals



Certifications Quick Links:

Local Level Tests (D1 - C2)

Local Level (D-1 through C-2) Standards of Proficiency, Test Sheets, and Checklists

D Level Resources & Study Materials 

C Level Resources & Study Materials 

Record Book Template (Remember to review your SoPs; the required sections change for each rating level)


National Level Tests (HB/C3 - A)

National Level (HB/C-3 through A) Standards of Proficiency, Test Sheets, Rubrics, and More

National Testing Calendar